Thursday, May 28, 2009


This technology represents a new solution for multimedia computing applications such as computer graphics and scientific computations that require massive data quantities to be processed.
About Cell Computing Board

· High-Speed
The incorporation of RSX realizes arithmetic operation speeds beyond the 230 GFLOPS of the Cell/B.E. microprocessor alone.

· Miniaturization
"Cell Computing Board" can be embedded in a 1U (unit) sized server and mounted on a 19-inch rack.

· Lower Energy Consumption
"Cell Computing Board" delivers high computational performance while reducing power consumption to 400W or less.
Demonstration Program

At SIGGRAPH 2007, Sony will demonstrate the following sample applications using the "Cell Computing Board".

· Demonstration of 4K Applications
Real time image processing of 4K images taking advantage of the high performance of "Cell Computing Board"

· Demonstration of CG Rendering

· Demonstration of Physics Simulation
Physics simulation taking advantage of the multi-thread processing ability of "Cell Computing Board"

* The Cell/B.E. is a high-performance microprocessor jointly developed by Sony, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., Toshiba Corporation, and IBM Corporation.
* RSX® is a graphics processor jointly developed by NVIDIA Corporation and Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
* 4K: image resolution of 4096 × 2160 pixels (H × V) - more than four times the resolution of full HD (1920 × 1080).
* "Cell Broadband Engine" is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.